Shaken Baby Syndrome Results in Traumatic Brain Injury

Each year in the United States, 20-30% of all victims of shaken baby syndrome will die as a result of their injuries. Shaken baby syndrome is the name given to describe the abusive form of inflicted head trauma in which the parent or infant’s caretaker shakes the infant violently causing brain damage. This form of child abuse accounts for serious traumatic brain injury (TBI) in up to 1,500 infants per year.

Who are the Victims?

Caretakers and parents who have become frustrated with a crying baby may shake them violently in an effort to silence them. The shaking does quiet the crying child by damaging his brain. Children living in poverty are more often the victims of shaken baby syndrome more often than those not s, hearing loss, cognitive dysfunction, paralysis and mental at the poverty level. Male caretakers are estimated to be the perpetrators of shaken baby syndrome between 60-90% of the time, and over 60% of the victims of shaken baby syndrome are male infants.

Shaken baby syndrome typically affects children under one year of age due to their underdeveloped brain structure, but cases have been reported in children up to four years of age. Babies who survive being shaken often develop symptoms that last a lifetime including seizures, blindnes

How Does Shaking Damage the Infant’s Brain?

When adults shake their infant, the infant’s still-undeveloped brain is moved about violently. Since their little necks do not have muscles developed enough to stabilize their own heads, the brain shakes within the skull causing torn brain tissue and ruptured blood vessels. The shaking, in turn, causes swelling in the brain; the swollen tissue constricts blood flow to the child’s brain, preventing its development and contributing to blood clots.

Shaken babies often stop crying as the shaking progresses and the brain damage becomes more severe. The degree of the traumatic brain injury caused by the shaking depends on the severity and repetition of the shaking. Some signs of shaken baby syndrome are lethargy, inability to lift the head and focus the eyes, lack of vocalization, decreased appetite and lack of smiling. Because parents and caretakers know they are the cause of these symptoms, they often will not take the children to the hospital for fear of criminal charges being placed against them.

There are ways to prevent shaken baby syndrome. Parenting classes and stress relief techniques can help minimize the frustration felt by the parent. It is appropriate to play with a baby safely and jiggle your infant on your knee in a soft, playful way; however, shaking a baby in anger will cause brain damage that could last a lifetime.

Could The Origami Stroller Be The Coolest Baby Stroller In The World?

Innovative Technology Makes The Origami Stroller Totally Unique

The high-tech features and innovative design of this stroller make it a true head turner. Along with power folding the Origami Stroller is loaded with other impressive features like running lights, pathway lights, LCD screen, cell phone charger, odometer and more.

Undoubtedly designed for city moms, this stroller is great for neighborhood strolls and running small errands while walking around town. The suspension system is all wheel and offers a smooth ride when you get off the pavement and onto grass or slightly uneven terrain.

The Origami Stroller does not make claims to be suitable for all terrain. However, if you are looking catch peoples eye and impress the neighbors, this is the stroller to do it with.

Available Origami Stroller Options

Although It is designed for children from 6 months old up to 40 pounds (which isn’t all that big), you can also replace the seat with either a bassinet type carry cot, or a car seat to accommodate your child as he or she grows..

Either of these options make the stroller more versatile and also extend the amount of useful life of the stroller.

The bassinet and stroller would each need to be purchased separately, and a car seat adapter would be needed to mount the car seat.

Origami Benefits

There are many benefits connected to the Origami Stroller. The two most obvious are the power-folding ability and the power producing generator.


The way this stroller folds is absolutely outrageous. It is just the most impressive option I have ever seen on a stroller. People just stop and stare when you use it. It is effortless.

Push one button and it instantly drops and compactly folds down. It also has a sensor that prevents you from activating the power fold while your baby is in the stroller. Once it’s folded; the placement of the wheels allow you to pull it along like a suitcase on wheels.

You can can unfold and open the Origami Stroller by pushing the same button. It will also you to fold and unfold manually, if necessary.

Power Generator

There are generators built into the rear wheels that provide power for all the electronic accessories and recharge the battery as you walk. You can also keep your cell phone charged while you are walking.

Although, the battery can be totally self-charging, plugging it in overnight every 14 days or so is recommended if you do not use the stroller daily.

LCD Dashboard

An LCD screen is mounted on the handle with the following features:

battery life indicator
thermometer showing temperature reading
odometer showing distance traveled
stroller and child icon – indicates whether your child is in the stroller (if so, power-fold disabled)
speedometer to show speed you are traveling

USB port for cell phone charging.

Two large parent cup holders are also included.

Lighting Features

The Origami is also fitted with running lights as well as pathway lights that are powered by the generator as you walk. The running lights are mounted on the front wheels and the pathway lights are located on the underside of the stroller.

The lights are controlled by a light sensor and turn on automatically depending upon light conditions. This is a great feature for strolling at night. Your path is illuminated and you are more visible to passing cars.

Comfortable Seat

The seat measures 16′ in width and the distance from the seat to the canopy is 22″, and will accommodate a baby or child from six months to 40 pounds. The seat also reclines and the pad is removable and available in multiple color choices.

The Origami Stroller also comes fitted with a 5-point harness system.

Suspension and Wheels

There is a four wheel independent suspension that offers a smooth ride on most surfaces. Although not an all-terrain stroller, the Origami does well on pavement, gravel, grass and uneven terrain.

This is a four wheeled stroller. The front wheels swivel and are 6 inches in diameter. The rear wheels are 9 inches in diameter and have easy to use wheel locks.


There is a storage bin under the stroller that is suitable for carrying toys and baby necessities and a medium sized pocket located on the seat back for keys, glasses and other items.

There are also bottle holders within the seat area and two more pockets behind the seat back that can carry water bottles.

Things To Think About Before Buying An Origami Stroller


Although there is adequate storage for a casual stroll, the basket under the seat is not quite big enough for the average size diaper bag. if you plan on using the stroller to carry any type of groceries, be sure to shop lightly.

Reclining Seat

There is very little recline. When upright the seat is at a 72° angle and it will recline back to a 40° angle. The only way to have to get a deeper recline or to have a flat surface is to buy the bassinet attachment.


The recommended weight limitation of the Origami is 40 lbs. This is a bit low, as most strollers will accommodate up to 50 lbs.


As they say, you get what you pay for. Technology is great, but it is also expensive.

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Baby Birthmarks

As many as one in three babies are born with a birthmark. These are neither painful or harmful, although about one in a hundred will require medical treatment. If the birthmark is hidden from view it is generally not a problem, but if it is on the face or neck parents will often want to do all they can to remove the mark, especially if baby is a girl.

Types of Birthmark

Strawberry Naevi Marks – these often appear at age 2 or 3 weeks, are red in color and may feel lumpy. They often grow in size for 6-9 months.
Stork Bites – also called ‘salmon patch’, a pinkish color, lie flat on the skin and don’t grow. Stork Bites usually disappear in the first two years.
Port Wine Stains – as the name suggests, these marks are a reddy-purple in color and they can cover quite a large area.


Stork Bites require no treatment. Strawberry marks are usually treated with steriod cream or in extreme cases by laser. The only treatment for Port Wine marks is by laser.

Early treatment is more successful. Laser treatment is best started by the age of two and can take up to six treatments spread over three years.

Planning a Baby Shower For Adoptive Parents

If you are familiar with a couple who are considering adoption and they are due to bring their bundle of joy home at any moment, one of the prudent things to do is to celebrate the new member of the family by throwing them a baby shower.

This is because, as with having their own baby, adoption also endows the couples with the same happiness that comes with being biological parents.

Therefore, as you plan the baby shower, ensure that you have looked into the different important things, given the “special” circumstances surrounding the new addition to their family. Doing so you can help yourself as well as your friends enjoy the baby shower with utmost sensitivity to the situation. The baby will bring a lot of joy to the new parents.

Some couples possibly will desire not to publicize their adoption. Hence, this should be one of the many factors to consider; that you need to highlight while planning for the baby shower.

If you opt for a party, you will need to put into consideration the timing when it would take place. This is quite important as some parents may want to spend a few weeks to settle in with their newborn first.

The type of gifts that guests should bring to the shower is another important factor to consider. They should be requested to bring gifts that are considered “safe” for adoptive parents. The ones such as include diapers, feeding items as well as nursery decor.

In addition to this, the new parents may be requested to register their child in a baby registry. This would give the guests a better idea of what gifts to bring.

It is fundamental, for example that you shun playing games that are meant for the naturally expectant women, like the game of “How Big is Mom’s Tummy,” as adoption is still a sensitive issue.